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About us

Who We Are

The fundamental purpose of the Villa Park Neighborhood Association is to carry out the charitable and educational purposes stated in the Articles of Incorporation and to engage in activities consistent with those purposes, such as organizing residents to identify common neighborhood problems and to take collective action to address those problems. The Villa Park Neighborhood Association will work to combat community deterioration, ease neighborhood tensions, improve the quality of life for all residents and work for the continued improvement of all aspects of the Villa Park neighborhood.

Current Board Members

The current board consists of Jaime Aguilar, president; Steve Stone vice president; Kathy Sandoval, treasurer; Amy Contreras, secretary; Sean Brady and Jillian Fabricius. Elections are held in June of every year. Current leadership was retained due to the current state of the limitations caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

When We Meet

We have met in various public places including schools, businesses, churches and residential locations within the Villa Park Neighborhood since 1995. However, due to the current pandemic and limitations with in-person meetings, we have moved these meetings online. We have a monthly meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month and other breakout sessions as needed or scheduled by the land use, sustainability and communications committee members.


Our general meetings are open to the public. Voting members must have attended three monthly meetings. Check out our calendar to see when our next meeting will be. 


We have expenses to cover for the website, and other online tools, so general donations are accepted as well as the recommendation of yearly dues from members of:


  • $5 for seniors,

  • $12 per household and

  • $25 for businesses. 

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